TRAVELLENGE - momondo case competition

Challenge one of the world's most innovative travel search sites

Prove your skills as a marketing strategist and win a 2-day trip to momondo's headquarters in Denmark.

Meet and network with students from 16 countries and compete for the grand prize of €5000.

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Challenge the global digital travel business

Join an adventure that calls for a curious, courageous, and creative mind, as well as analytical proficiency and team work. Dare to push the limits of the market paradigm. Cross physical, cultural and professional borders and see where it takes you.

TRAVELLENGE is momondo's case competition with the mission:
to open creative opportunities for students across the globe.

The most innovative team will be awarded with €5000

Summary of the case description:

How would you grow the momondo brand in your market?

  1. Situation Analysis
    1. Prepare a market summary covering the following:
      1. Market demographics and behaviour
      2. Competitor overview
      3. Market needs
      4. Market growth and potential
    2. Do a SWOT analysis
  2. Marketing Strategy
    1. Describe your marketing objectives
    2. Elaborate on your marketing targets
    3. Position momondo in your market with respect to the overall momondo brand identity
    4. Form your market strategy
    5. Make your marketing strategy concrete by developing ideas/concepts that canmake it possible for momondo to achieve the suggested position.
  3. Conclusions
    1. Show how your strategy corresponds to your analysis and how it is feasible. In your opinion, how would your strategy impact momondo’s performance in your country?


How would you grow the momondo
brand in your market?

Grab your bag of theories, fuel your creativity, propose the most innovative marketing strategy.

Identify the opportunities and challenges that momondo faces, and come up with an innovative and feasible marketing strategy that will take momondo to new heights. Remember to take local trends and the current economic climate in your market into consideration.

Read an executive case competition summary here
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Cross Physical Borders Cross Cultural Borders Cross Professional Borders

How to win...

  1. Team up with a student colleague

    At momondo we work as a team, therefore we expect you to partner with one fellow student. Among other criteria, we will evaluate your ability to work together.

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  2. Language: English

    All the submitted material must be in English. The same goes for the presentation during the International Final.

  3. Which countries can participate?

    Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Ukraine.

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  4. Who can participate?

    • Bachelor's and master's students
    • MBA and PhD students cannot participate
    • Must have a valid passport

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  5. Deadlines

    1. Submission 31st October, 2014
    2. National Winners announcement 10th November, 2014
    3. The International Final 27-28th November, 2014

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  6. Expenses

    momondo will cover travel related expenses (hotel + flights)

    momondo will not cover insurance and personal cost

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Strive for the top

There are great prizes and benefits along the way!
  • €5000

    The International Winning team takes home the grand prize of €5000
  • 2 nights

    All National Winners win a two-night stay in Copenhagen
  • e-travel Master Class

    All National Winners will participate in the certified “e-travel Master Class”
  • LinkedIn

    Get endorsed and receive recommendations from the Jury


  • Tore Pein Jensen
    Tore Pein Jensen
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Rune Varnaa
    Rune Seebach
    Industry Manager
  • Per Christiansen
    Per Christiansen
    Global Head of Marketing Strategy & Campaigns
  • Uffe Henriksen
    Uffe Henriksen
    MEC Denmark
  • Kasper Hove
    Kasper Hove
    Head of Online Marketing
  • Andrew Weld-Moore
    Andrew Weld-Moore
    Nordic Sales Manager



How do we register for TRAVELLENGE?

Click on "Download now" or visit
Click on the link "Register" below the login form and register your team.

You will receive a confirmation email of your registration. Please make sure you provide a valid email address. After your team has successfully completed the registration process, you will be able to download the case.

Your case presentation must be submitted here. Applications sent to us by email or post will not be taken into consideration.


How many teams may participate from one school?

Any team that fits the criteria for participation may enter the competition. There is no limit to how many teams may enter from a single school.

How many schools within one country may participate?

Teams from any school that fits the criteria for participation may enter the competition.

Who can participate?

All bachelor’s and master’s students aged 18 or above, enrolled in a business school, university, college, or equivalent academic institution in one of the 16 participating countries. MBA and PhD students are not eligible to enter the case competition.

What is the maximum team size?

A team consists of only two people. Individual entrants or groups larger than two are not permitted.

Can we alter our team during the competition?

No, team members may not be changed once a team is registered. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, momondo may allow a team member to be substituted. All substitution requests are at the discretion of momondo, and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Can I team up with a student from another university within my country?

Yes, as long as you both meet the criteria for participation.

Can I team up with a student from another university outside my country?

No, both team members must be studying in the same country.

Do both team members have to have the same nationality?

No, though they must be studying in the same country and meet all other criteria for participation.

Can I participate if I currently work at momondo or if I have worked at momondo in the past?

No, you may not enter the competition if you are a current or a former momondo employee.


What happens if our team’s submission exceeds the limit of pages or slides?

Your submission will be disqualified.

Who owns the rights to the strategies and ideas submitted by participating teams?

momondo A/S will own the rights to all submitted ideas and materials.

When will the National Winners be announced?

10th of November.

How do we know if we are among the National Winners?

Your team will be contacted by email.

Is the competition free?

Yes, the competition is free.


How will the prize money to the International Winners be paid?

The prize money is per team, and will be divided equally between the team members. momondo will use international bank transfer to pay the prizes to the International Winners. Any fees as a result of an international transfer will be paid by momondo.

Who pays the taxes on the prize money?

momondo does not cover the taxes of the prize money – each winner is responsible for paying taxes for their prize.

Does momondo buy flight tickets for the 2-day trip in Copenhagen for all the National Winners?

Yes - momondo arranges flight tickets, other transportation, accommodation and meals. Read more in Terms and Conditions.


How does the mentor help our team?

Your dedicated mentor will guide you through the process of your team preparing for the International Final in Copenhagen. This involves giving feedback and answering any questions your may have with your presentation. Mentoring will occur before the International Final, last for two hours, and take place via telephone / Skype or other online medium. Please note: it is not your mentor’s responsibility to come up with ideas for the presentation, this is up to you! The mentor can only identify areas for elaboration or improvement of your work, as well as provide you with a broader perspective of the topic.

Do we have to contact our mentor?

No, there is no requirement that you must contact your mentor. We provide this as a unique opportunity to work with and learn from seasoned professionals in the travel industry.


Who do we contact during the National Round?

For questions during the National Round, please email

Who do we contact while preparing for the International Final?

Your contact person will be your dedicated mentor, and their contact information will be provided once you have been selected as the National Winning team.

Questions about TRAVELLENGE?

If you have questions about TRAVELLENGE, please email